The new dimension:

MADRA-EDM „Bohrteufel“ model BT-9070 ATC

The model range of EDM drilling machines of MADRA-EDM in Kahl/Main is enlarged with the machine Bohrteufel BT-9070 ATC in gantry design. This is a further spezial feature.

Because of the gantry design, it is possible to machine especially heavy work pieces up to 1,2 t. The work pieces can easily be loaded on the work table with a crane or a forklift, because the workspace is accessible from 3 sides as well as from the top. The splashguard of the workspace can be taken off and mounted fast and easy for loading of the work piece. Connection of the EDM drilling machine type BT-9070 ATC to a robot system is possible without high effort of time and cost. This enables unsupervised machining with the standard serial electrode changer (20-fold).

Within the stainless workspace with a table area of 1330 x 910 mm and a clamping area of 900 x 720 mm, machining of work pieces up to 520 mm height and weight of up to 1,2 t is possible. A special feature are the coordinate distance in X (700 mm), Y (900 mm) and Z (410 mm), as well as the programmable W-axis with 470 mm. Also available is a bigger machine type BT 1210 with X-/Y-coordinates of 1000 x 1200 mm. Clean working fluid is guaranteed by a big, separate filter unit with a tank volume of 200 l. Pure water as well as the well-proven WITOL can be used as working fluid. WITOL guarantees a stable working process with low electrode wear and prevents rust formation on the work piece. This is very important in case of long-lasting machining of a work piece.

With useable electrode diameter of 0.5 to 3 mm and a length up to 600 mm, a wide field of application is provided. With the optional additional generator „Booster“, electrodes up to 6 mm diameter can be used. The complete technology of the required EDM drilling parameter is stored in the CNC control system and is freely selectable. This parameter can be called from the machining program. Many subprogrammes ease programming of machining jobs and aligning of the work piece.

The CNC control unit is designed for control of totally 8 axes. Hereby a separate indexer, rotary table or turn- and swivel table can be used to solve difficult machining requirements. Another option which can be delivered is swiveling head.

The field of application for the EDM drilling machine type „Bohrteufel“ MADRA BT-9070 ATC is inserting drill holes into work pieces made of electroconductive materials (steel, carbide) in tool making industry as well as for spezial machining tasks for turbine blades, rims, circular mounts and so on. Besides of the EDM drilling machine type BT-9070 ATC MADRA-EDM offers a great range within the product range of „Bohrteufel“ with the appropriate system concept for every machining requirement. – Starting with simply a basic machine up to fully automatic high-tech systems. MADRA-EDM offers a guarantee period of 5 years in conjunction with a maintenance contract, for all machines type „Bohrteufel“. This is an indication for the high and steady quality of the model range „Bohrteufel“ BT.entrance