EDM drilling with gantry machine:

MADRA-EDM „Bohrteufel“ model BT-1210 ATC

With the machine BT-1210 ATC the product range of Madra-EDM has been extended by a special feature.

Because of the gantry design, the machine is particularly suitable for heavy work pieces up to 2.5 t. The working space is optionally equipped with a splash guard or with a complete housing. The work pieces can be easily lifted on the work table by a crane or forklift. The working space is accessible from the top and the front. In the version with splash guard the machine is even accessible from 3 sides.

The machine can be equipped with an automatic 30-fold electrode changer as well as a 4-fold guide changer. A process-safe changing of electrodes, starting with diameter 0.5 mm, is guaranteed. The stainless-steel working space with a table surface of 1350 x 1150 mm enables machining of work pieces up to 1000 mm height and a weight up to 2.5 t. Travel in X 1100 mm, Y 1200 mm and Z 600 mm, as well as the programmable W-axis with 1000 mm are a special feature.

The big, separate filter unit TFA-200-1 with a tank volume of 200 l guarantees clean working fluid. As an option, equipment with an external cooling unit and adjustable thermostat is available to ensure constant temperature of the working medium. Pure deionized water or EDM drilling additive WITOL BT can be used as working medium. WITOL BT guarantees a stable work process with low electrode wear, faster EDM drilling time and prevents rust formation on the work piece because of integrated corrosion protection. An antifungal agent prevents medium to tip over. This is very important when machining deep as well as very fine holes.

A wide range of application is possible because of the use of electrodes with diameter 0.2 to 4 mm and a length of up to 400 mm with the automatic electrode changer, (manually up to 700 mm). Optionally, together with a booster, electrodes with a diameter of up to 8 mm can be used.

The entire technology of the required EDM parameter is stored in the CNC control system and can be freely selected and programmed. These can be called up via the editing program. Many subprograms facilitate programming for the machining tasks as well as alignment of work pieces. The CNC path control is designed to control up to 8 axes. This makes it possible to attach a separate indexing device, rotary table or tilt- and swivel table, which can be used to solve special machining tasks. As a further option, a swiveling eroding axis is available.

The field of application for the EDM drilling machine „Bohrteufel“ MADRA BT-1210 ATC is insertion of drill holes into work pieces made of electrically conductive materials such as steel, aluminum, copper and carbide. However, for carbide only with optional C-box in general tool making industry, as well as for special machining tasks on turbine blades, rims, round bearings and so on.

Besides of the EDM drilling machine type BT-1210 ATC, the series range „Bohrteufel“ of MADRA-EDM offers the appropriate machine concept for each machining task – starting with a simple machine up to fully automatic high-tech system, together with connection to full automation. MADRA-EDM offers a warranty of 5 years for all machines type „Bohrteufel“ in connection with a maintenance contract. This speaks for a high, long lasting quality of the „Bohrteufel“-series BT.

Video of an operation using BT-1210 ATC

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